MethodIzaz: Stalkerazzi of the Good Kind

Posted on March 20, 2008 Under Art

What if you could harness paparazzi tactics for good instead of ill? While getting stalked by a photographer usually mean you're Britney Spears, the photographers at MethodIzaz believe that stalking makes for the most candid shots. Everybody knows to pose…

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Color Chart: Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today

Posted on March 14, 2008 Under Art

We'll admit that there have been times when we've wanted to chuck our color wheel out the window. We've stood in Home Depot and really tried to discern the different between antique, eggshell, and albino ferret white. So, we can…

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Identity5: Your Space Is Your Art

Posted on February 19, 2008 Under Design

We've been playing a little Peeping Tom lately; we've spent some time peering through the window of your brand new pad. While we certainly noticed your knack for interior design, rocking the sleekest, most well designed furniture money can buy;…

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Talia Shipman: Exodus

Posted on February 12, 2008 Under Art

For someone having graduated this past spring, Talia Shipman brings a stylized maturity to her work that other photographers spend years honing and perfecting. The young artist has already experienced her work being published and shown in galleries worldwide, and…

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Andrew Buckler: SoHo

Posted on January 24, 2008 Under Fashion

Are you the classic American Tough Guy? Do you maintain a five o'clock shadow twelve months out of the year, and light your matches by flicking them against the back of your hand only to put out the fire with…

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AC Gears hits NYC

Posted on December 11, 2007 Under Gadgetry

I wasn't familiar with AC Gears until I read this post a couple of days ago, but I'll definitely be stopping by their new store to check it out. If you're interested and in the NYC area, the new shop…

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Cockpit Coat Drive

Posted on December 7, 2007 Under Fashion

Being a clotheshorse can be quite the stressful undertaking; first, one must try their darnedest to stay attuned to the latest fashion fads and trends. After that, there's quandary of finding closet space for all of that cutting edge clothing.…

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Banksy In NYC

Posted on November 28, 2007 Under Art

Banksy will come to NY galleries (for the first time) in the form of an opening at Vanina Holasek. Offering an exhibition of the graffiti bandit's prints and originals for sale, the exhibit will run through December 29, when Banksy…

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Calvin Klein x Droga 5 x The New Museum

Posted on November 27, 2007 Under Art

For as long as we can remember, Calvin Klein has been at the forefront of American sportswear; combining elements of style and sex appeal, they've always been masters of the provocative ad. This time, the stalwarts of style have gone…

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Posted on November 20, 2007 Under Design

WSDIA, also known as We Should Do it All, is a Brooklyn-based graphic, architectural and interactive studio, founded on the exact principle that their name implies. Based around the beliefs that no professional should feel constrained to their singular expertise,…

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