Identity5: Your Space Is Your Art

Posted on February 19, 2008 Under Design

We've been playing a little Peeping Tom lately; we’ve spent some time peering through the window of your brand new pad. While we certainly noticed your knack for interior design, rocking the sleekest, most well designed furniture money can buy; it seems that the loot you spent on seating left your wallet too empty to address the bare wall situation. Instead of pretending to be such a minimalist when it comes decoration, we think that empty area on your wall can do with a flurry of color. Perhaps you should consider grabbing some prints from the gifted graphic designers at Identity5. The Brooklyn-based company specializes in creating breathtakingly colorful and affordable prints “designed to complement the interiors in which you work play and live.” Each image is printed using museum quality ink and limited to one hundred prints. They are also available in three canvas sizes that are sure to light up any formerly bare space and add to your interior design prowess.