Thread Council

Posted on June 19, 2013 Under Fashion

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Take a minute and look through your dresser and closet and dig up all the band t-shirts you bought at various music festivals and concerts you’ve been to recently and in year’s past. For the nostalgic in the audience, pull out your favorite records from the milk crate. You probably spend upwards of $30 a shirt, especially if it was during a tour, but you were happy to do so, right? Why? You love the band and you liked the design. Now, can you tell me the name of the artist?

Even when designers “make it” and start doing work for the big names – Jay-Z, Metallica, Levi’s, Elvis Costello, etc, they are heavily regulated under contracts. What this means is even if their designs are sold on thousand’s of shirts, they may end up just making a few hundred dollars. A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to change that. Thread Council is bringing a line of shirts created by designers and cutting out the middle-man. The shirts are printed right here in America (San Francisco), and feature a 1-year warranty against fraying or defects.

The plan is for an initial offering of 18 designs, with more artists added if they exceed their goal of $50k. Check out the project and help artists earn a living wage.