What's UR Bag

Posted on October 2, 2008 Under Eco

Bag maker What's UR Bag seems to have learned a few things from its fellow apparel maker TOMS Shoes when it comes to giving to the community and using gold material. The $15 reusable totes in the its-laS-tik line are…

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You Can't Fix This!

Posted on October 1, 2008 Under Life

You'd think that if a president is proclaimed to be the "leader of the free world", the free world might have some say. But, as was proven in 2000, American citizens can't even speak up when the fix is in.…

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Update from SNAP: Day 2

Posted on September 26, 2008 Under Life

Boulder, CO, Day 2 SNAP Gathering: 'Little things people can do to change the world' was best exemplified by Paul Williams' remarkable healthcare program in Uganda where he single-handedly eliminated childhood malaria deaths and dramatically reduced HIV infections in a…

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Tag a Dummer

Posted on September 23, 2008 Under Life

In spite of all of the warnings about global warming, there are still those that continue to drive the gas guzzling behemoth that is the Hummer. The tank-sized vehicle is often purchased to compensate for shortcomings both mental and physical…

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Posted on September 19, 2008 Under Art
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Yes We Can! Tees

Posted on September 19, 2008 Under Life

The Obama campaign is the first to have an array of independent T shirt designs so vast. From hip and subtle slogans to air-brushed burners, the Barack drive has officially inspired art. Trevor Smith and Daniel Venegas bring us yet…

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T.Magic x Loaded with Meaning

Posted on September 16, 2008 Under Art
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Nobody WA S Thirsty

Posted on September 16, 2008 Under Fashion
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Posted on September 5, 2008 Under Eco

Let's be straight, buying a bottle of water is much easier than donating some money to a charity of a worthy cause. The people at Project7 hope to bridge the gap by selling you bottled water. The company uses its…

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Fred Terral x ____ The Planet

Posted on September 4, 2008 Under Eco

We aren't telling you what the blank stands for and neither is Fred Terral, the designer of this great new print "____ The Planet." The idea is that you have to make that decision, rather your actions make the decision.…

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