Tag a Dummer

Posted on September 23, 2008 Under Life

In spite of all of the warnings about global warming, there are still those that continue to drive the gas guzzling behemoth that is the Hummer. The tank-sized vehicle is often purchased to compensate for shortcomings both mental and physical or just as a garish show of riches. In order to offset this ostentatious display of wealth and environmental disregard Ji Lee, Andrew Wilcox and Nelly Ma have come up with a project entitled Tag A Dummer. The project asks people to download and print out the letter “D” as provided and tag any Hummer they see by gluing it on and rebranding their vehicle a “Dummer” to alert the driver to the error of their ways. While it probably won’t convince people whose idea of a good time is cruising down the street in an urban assault vehicle to become environmentally conscious, it might at least go a short way in knocking them down a peg. Visitors to the site can also read up on the environmental impact of the vehicle as well as see pictures of Dummers that have been tagged.