Greenpeace's Origami Whale

Posted on May 29, 2008 Under Design

Those folks at Greenpeace have come up with a new ad campaign aimed at stopping whaling with a sly swipe at the Japanese for their legalization practices. Users can go to their website and make a traditional "paper" origami whale.…

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Posted on May 29, 2008 Under Life

Tea is serious business here in England. Even young hip kids that you would think would be over the whole stereotype of a culture, still swear by a good cup of tea. So it should come as no surprise that…

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Chicks Dig Games

Posted on October 30, 2007 Under Life

I know, I know, the name of this site caught me off guard too (Chicks Dig Games? They do?). But, being the curious beta-browser I am, I gave the bubbly-looking site a browse, and found myself in a section that…

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SpearTalks: Crowdfunder

Posted on October 26, 2007 Under Life

Among my contemporaries, there seems to reside a belief that it is hard to make a good thing happen; good ideas exist by the bucketful, but the initiative to turn those ideas into something graspable exists in far smaller quantities.…

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iFoods TV

Posted on October 24, 2007 Under Food

Are you sitting at home, wondering whether you should order in from the Mexican place around the corner run by a Chinese family, or the Chinese place run by a Mexican family down the block? If so, why not eat…

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Posted on October 23, 2007 Under Life

Yesterday marked the official launch of MindBodyGreen, a new information-sharing site with a healthy twist. MindBodyGreen allows users to submit sites and articles, then, depending on the number of votes each gets, sorts the stories into ranking order. What differs…

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The [New] Hype Machine

Posted on October 16, 2007 Under Music

This morning, Hype Machine re-launched; the new website is brighter, easier to read, and includes several new features including a place to store your favorite songs and a "spy" feature that lets you see what other users are listening to.…

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Posted on September 26, 2007 Under Life

You know you're in trouble when you find yourself needing tools to manage tools. Fuser (currently in beta), is a newly launched site that works by aggregating all your social networking accounts into one. Rather than logging in to MySpace,…

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Information Architects Map the Internet

Posted on August 13, 2007 Under Design

While it would certainly help to have been to Tokyo (Josh won't stop raving about it), I don't think it's a prerequisite for understanding the Information Architects Web Trends Map 2007 Version 2.0. It's got a long title, but it's…

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Posted on May 23, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Now here is an idea I can get behind: a service that automates the process of making "mental notes". I don't know about you, dear reader, but I have a terrible time remembering anything unless it is in an email,…

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