Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Posted on February 6, 2012 Under Travel

French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte once said a picture is worth a thousand words. But not even a thousand pictures could give you the feeling of spending time in Jackson Hole, WY at the Four Seasons. The views, the clean…

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Backcountry Bombshells

Posted on April 13, 2007 Under Travel

A few days ago, my childhood buddy Riley sent me the lowdown on a "business" trip he just took to the interior of British Columbia. From the looks of it, he's chosen quite a different career path than I have--…

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The Arctic Man

Posted on April 5, 2007 Under Travel

Part speed skiing, part sledneck, The Arctic Man is event I would describe as "uniquely Alaska." I actually found out about it because a friend of a friend will be competing in this year's event, which is taking place at…

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Ski Las Vegas?

Posted on March 19, 2007 Under Travel

An article on the Snowboard Mag website is indicating that there may be riding/skiing (and a lot more) in Las Vegas in the not so distant future. According to one of the founders of Las Vegas WET, they've been exchanging…

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SnowQ Ski Carrier

Posted on March 9, 2007 Under Design

This week I had the chance to try out a SnowQ ski carrier, and I was impressed with its 'utility per simplicity' factor. While the folks at SnowQ advertise the product as a ski sling that allows you to easily…

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2007 DNA Evolution Tour: Summer Shredding

Posted on February 28, 2007 Under Travel

I know it's only February (almost March), but I wanted to pass this piece of news while the snow is still falling... before you've gone into beach mode. Throughout this coming summer, the 2007 DNA Evolution Tour will be coming…

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Jibber's Best Friend

Posted on February 20, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Those of us who live on the Front Range in Colorado have had no shortage of snow this Winter. But thanks to the erratic weather patterns associated with Global Warming, we probably won't have any snow next winter. To all…

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Unity Skis, Not Snowboards

Posted on February 3, 2007 Under Design

Unity is a company that, until now, only made snowboards. Their entrance into the ski industry is going to be big-- literally. Their new line just got pressed, and I had the chance to see some of the skis up…

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Winter X-Games Best Tricks: Aspen

Posted on January 29, 2007 Under Life

At the center of my weekend in Aspen, which was filled with every sort of sensory overload imaginable, was the competition itself. This was the 11th Winter X Games, and it was the most innovative and impressive to date. Attendance…

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X-Dance Film Festival

Posted on January 19, 2007 Under Art

As Josh mentioned earlier today, The Sundance Film Festival is going on in Utah right now. Yes, it's hyped beyond belief, and yes, you can see a lot of the action online. But I thought it's also worth mentioning that…

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