Jibber's Best Friend

Posted on February 20, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Those of us who live on the Front Range in Colorado have had no shortage of snow this Winter. But thanks to the erratic weather patterns associated with Global Warming, we probably won’t have any snow next winter. To all of you urban-assault jibber types out there (with a few extra grand laying around)– don’t fret. The SG5-LED Snowmaker kicks out the highest volume of any home snowmaker on the market– connect it to the pressure washer you gave pops for Christmas this year or a dedicated snowmaking pump, and you can generate up to 180 cu. ft. of gnar per hour. With the high-end set up, you’re looking at dropping close to $2500– not to mention the drastic increase in your water bill– but for some of you out there, that hefty price tag may be well worth the hours of DFD kinked rails and sick video footy that follow.

Via Uncrate