Fresh Salad

Posted on June 16, 2008 Under Life

We don't mention McDonald's too much on this blog (aside from a few snide comments here and there), but a new billboard in Chicago - masterminded by Micky D's ad agency Leo Burnett - recently got our attention. To promote…

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Brand Tags

Posted on May 22, 2008 Under Life

Let's play a little word association. When we say Noah Brier what do you think of? A man? Yes (we think). A blog? Not bad. A man with a blog dedicated to finding out what word connotations people associate with…

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MonaVie: Binary Gucci Juice

Posted on May 9, 2008 Under Food

Luxury. Binary. Juice. Is there a limit on what people will pay to nourish themselves through the medium of fruit juice (and, um, nutritional gel)? It seems as though MonaVie has set out to answer that question -- a little…

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Rhythm is a Spring Water Ad

Posted on May 8, 2008 Under Food

It seems like the last thing the world needs now is a new brand of spring water. But if it's being sold by a puppet dancing to Snap's "Rhythm is A Dancer," the folks at Drench spring water have me…

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Seymour Powell

Posted on April 30, 2008 Under Design

It would be in a product design powerhouse's best interest to develop a Website that matched their creative aptitude. That would explain why U.K. based Seymour Powell has put together a simple, but very effective way of communicating their message…

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Sony's Foam City

Posted on April 14, 2008 Under Design

A month ago we wandered into the Magic City of Miami, Florida as Fallon London and Sony were creating a little magic of their own. The UK based ad agency teamed up with director Simon Ratigan to turn the "Magic…

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What a Character

Posted on April 10, 2008 Under Life

What do we mean when we say someone has character? Do we mean they're smart? That they look distinguished? Or maybe they're quirky? Sometimes it could be all of those things or in the case of some corporate entities, it…

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Ji Lee's Parallel World

Posted on April 1, 2008 Under Design

Ji Lee wants little people to live on your ceiling. We think you should let him. After all, he's the guy who gave New York the Bubble Project. The newest project from the guerrilla artist/ad man is Parallel World, a…

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Posted on March 25, 2008 Under Life

The ability to watch our favorite shows on the Internet has been a blessing to many folks who don't have the time to catch their stories at the regular time they're on. Anyone with the Internet can watch an episode…

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The Mentorship

Posted on March 17, 2008 Under Life

I'm a tad bit afraid of even mentioning a certain Tom Cruise-related church in this post for fear of perpetuating my own disappearance. Perhaps my cojones aren't as big as the folks at Barkley, the Missouri-based ad agency who in…

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