The Mentorship

Posted on March 17, 2008 Under Life

I'm a tad bit afraid of even mentioning a certain Tom Cruise-related church in this post for fear of perpetuating my own disappearance. Perhaps my cojones aren't as big as the folks at Barkley, the Missouri-based ad agency who in efforts to promote their Summer 2008 internship program or ‘Mentorship’, created a sublime send-up of those who bow at the altar of L.Ron. Their star-laden site features a video testimonial trumpeting the "good cult" atmosphere at their agency and the virtues of their leader B.Doug Brooker. Ultimately the goal of the site is to recruit some brand new talent to their advertising cult who'd like to achieve a whole other level of understanding what the advertising game is all about. We just hope Tom & Company don't take this the wrong way, and we never end up hearing from the brilliant folks at Barkley again. Did we mention how much we loved A Few Good Men?