Brand Tags

Posted on May 22, 2008 Under Life

Let’s play a little word association. When we say Noah Brier what do you think of? A man? Yes (we think). A blog? Not bad. A man with a blog dedicated to finding out what word connotations people associate with global brands from Apple to VH1? Well, that’s not exactly one word, but it is correct. Noah has set up a little psychological experiment called Brand Tags that’s been gaining steam across the Interwebs. He flashes a corporate logo, you shout out a word. Those choice phrases show up in a tag cloud that yields some interesting results. Of course you have your requisite idiots piping in with Sucks, Lame, Capitalist Assholes … but you also get some intuitive feedback in between the garbage responses. Although the architect is quick to point out there are no wrong answers, we say the people putting in “gay” for every brand is doing the site a disservice. (Unless you were talking about Bravo!)