BumpTop Prototype

Posted on June 22, 2006 Under Life

If you are the type to exclaim "leave that alone!" when someone tried to clean up or "optimize" your work space, then you can surely appreciate the concept of order from chaos. Personally, my work and home desks are a…

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Tidal Force m-750

Posted on May 2, 2006 Under Gadgetry

Forget the details about rotors, stators, electromagnets and peak efficiencies, and focus on the fact that the Tidal Force m-750, from Wave Crest, is the sickest e-bike ever! Utilizing the Wave Crest Adaptive Motor System, the 750 Watts of power…

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Apple Runs Windows: Boot Camp

Posted on April 5, 2006 Under Gadgetry

All I can really say is, wow. Only a few weeks ago a pair of computer-nuts won $13,854 for successfully getting the new Intel based Mac computers running Windows XP. Today Apple introduced what they're tentatively calling Boot Camp, the…

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Seiko Bluetooth Watch

Posted on March 3, 2006 Under Gadgetry

I would probably rock this new Seiko Bluetooth watch even if it wasn't bluetooth-- the face and bright LED's look great as is. I'll take it as an added bonus that it connects wirelessly to your cellphone so you can…

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Apple’s Big Announcements

Posted on February 27, 2006 Under Gadgetry

The blogosphere has been buzzing with Apple's big announcement a few weeks ago that simply read: "Come see some fun new products from Apple on February 28th at 10:00 AM." The rumor mill has been at full steam churning out…

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Quiksilver Heating Vest

Posted on October 13, 2005 Under Gadgetry

Two days ago it snowed 30 inches in Breckenridge, CO I kid you not. I saw cars driving around Boulder with piles of snow on their roofs! The snow season is almost upon us, and I can't wait. I'm all…

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Pedestrian Levitation

Posted on June 10, 2005 Under Life

Pedestrian Levitation is a very interesting "daily life" visualization project, which tracked the movements of pedestrians on street crossings (and of course the stray jay-walkers, too). Their movements are traced through a frame comparison, and video tracking tool, and some…

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Cable yoyo

Posted on June 3, 2005 Under Design

If you haven't seen the first annual Scientistic Invitation winning entries--check them out, they are really quite inspiring. The invitational is an Industrial Designer's Society of America branded event, and there were a few winning entries that really caught my…

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The Collective Subconscious

Posted on May 12, 2005 Under Life

The Collective Subconscious is a very interesting installation project at UCLA that "imprints a dynamic collage of reverberating thoughts on public space as people move through it". Each person is given a unique RFID tag, and they can associate a…

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Numark iPod DJ Mixer

Posted on April 14, 2005 Under Gadgetry

Boy, oh boy. I sure hope we see this prototype Numark iPod DJ mixer hit the markets soon. I figure it was only a matter of time until something like this was made. Numark was showing off a prototype of…

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