Gift Guide: Sports

Posted on December 13, 2008 Under Life

Popdeck: Buy It ($30 - $40) A user designed skateboard deck may not be stocking size, but one community member's design featuring Obama and McCain in KISS makeup is a great ode to '08. Alta Bike (not pictured): Read JS…

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UBIQ: Reverse the Curse

Posted on October 23, 2008 Under Fashion

The Philadelphia Phillies have not won a world series since Jimmy Carter's final days in office, but the way their fans whine about it you'd think Ben Franklin had yet to invent bifocals the last time someone with a P…

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New Nau

Posted on October 20, 2008 Under Fashion
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Nike Sportswear: Part 2

Posted on October 9, 2008 Under Fashion

You're getting a sneak preview at just a small slice of part deux of Nike Sportswear's winter collection, the first of which they launched on the opening day of the Olympics in August. It continues to feature the eight iconic…

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Posted on September 8, 2008 Under Design

Brazilian skaters like Bob Burnquist and Sandro Dias have been holding it down for the South American country when it comes to the worldwide skate stage, but unless you're already deep into the scene or keep up it with here…

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Monument Snowboards

Posted on August 25, 2008 Under Design

There's no chill in the air just yet, but we can sense it coming. You better face the fact it's going to be winter soon, and with that comes prime snowboarding weather. Why not celebrate the imminent frosty season by…

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You vs. Bolt

Posted on August 22, 2008 Under Life

Jamaica's Usain Bolt may hold the title of world's fastest man, but we think you can take him. Even if your leg muscles have atrophied from all of that time you spend seated in front of your computer, you can…

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Carrying the Torch

Posted on August 5, 2008 Under Design
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Posted on July 23, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Freebording: not quite skateboarding and not exactly snowboarding. With a totally unique rider-driven design, Freebord gives you the look of a street deck and the feeling of carving a mountain. Using four outer wheels to simulate a snowboard edge and…

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Grand Opening: Pong in the LES

Posted on July 22, 2008 Under Travel

I was hopping around the LES with my pal from Zoomdoggle and we happened upon the space at 139 Norfolk called Grand Opening. Formerly famous for the DRV-IN project they did (Manhattan's only drive-in theater), they're now hosting Pong 2.0…

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