Gift Guide: Sports

Posted on December 13, 2008 Under Life

Popdeck: Buy It ($30 – $40)
A user designed skateboard deck may not be stocking size, but one community member’s design featuring Obama and McCain in KISS makeup is a great ode to ’08.

Alta Bike (not pictured): Read JS Review | Buy It (€665)
The current positive post-election sentiment is further complimented by Alta Bikes’ decision to sell their monochromatic single speed bikes stateside.

ARTSPROJEKT x Zazzle Skateboards: Read JS Review | Buy It ($70)
Why give Lil Jon’s music or Shepard Fairey’s prints when skateboard decks designed by the artists will get more use (and attention)?

Cannondale x G-Star Bike (not pictured): Read JS Review | Buy It
This green machine is a collaboration between Cannondale and G-Star, and has the features to prove it — corked grips, nylon tube covers, and a Brooks saddle make it easy to covet.

Mustache Rides: Read JS Review | Buy It (“S**t ain’t cheap)
Uncle Ira never looked as good as he does with a hand-painted dark ‘stache, and your favorite Ernesto will have you to thank for introducing him to Lawrence Melilli’s line of gentlemanly decks.

Grotesk x 5BORO: Read JS Review | Buy It ($50)
5BORO Stakeboards shouldn’t be the only ones to pay tribute to Brooklyn designer Grotesk’s yellow and black “stuck gate” sticker collection "” the honorary T-shirt is sure to look good gracing the back of someone on your list.

Monument Snowboards: Read JS Review | Buy It ($300 – $430)
Forget sugarplums "” Monument (MNMT) Snowboards’ geometric decks are colorful enough to be dancing through your giftee’s head from now until the first snow day.

Calle Street Soccer: Read JS Review | Buy It ($40)
Calle creator Travis Winn is the one who deserves a gift for reintroducing classic soccer balls and gear inspired by street soccer players worldwide (not to mention for sparing your loved ones Umbra-style eyesores).