Vault49: Scott Langton Clothing

Posted on August 23, 2005 Under Fashion

Vault49 has done it again, the extremely taleneted NYC based design studio recently did some extremely 'fly' clothing designs for Scott Langton. They handeled the graphic design, illustration, and art direction for the whole new line--which you can view on…

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The High Line

Posted on July 11, 2005 Under Design

The High Line looms between Gansevoort Street, around Little West 12th, and stretches all the way to 30th street. It's an elevated rail structure built in the early 1930's as part of the West Side Improvement project, one of NYC's…

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The Georgie Bench

Posted on June 30, 2005 Under Design

I'm a huge George Nelson fan, his classic maple slat bench has been a center piece in my living room for sometime now, and it's one of my favorite pieces of classic modern furniture, ever. I was really pleased to…

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NYC Bloggers

Posted on June 23, 2005 Under Life

There are millions of bloggers throughout the big apple, and a site called NYC bloggers launched a website to locate them. The project is simple, using an easy online form you can add yourself to their database, and quickly find…

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Es Gibt

Posted on May 6, 2005 Under Fashion

Chinatown, NYC based es gibt is a collaborative design project started by Shu Hung and Joe Magliaro. They were founded in Spring 2004, after a trip to Berlin. During the trip they were inspired by the "Do it yourself" spirit…

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Posted on March 18, 2005 Under Travel

Classickicks is one of my favorite sneaker and clothing boutiques in NYC. They have a stellar collection of some of the hottest sneakers around. They're very knowledgeable about all their stock-- The owners are sneaker collectors themselves. You can view…

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Jose Parla

Posted on February 2, 2005 Under Art

José Parla is inspired by all the anonymous artwork found in streets all over the world. I find compositions on surfaces of deteriorated walls, and remnants of construction markings. In my paintings I create layers and textures representing the age…

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Pamela Sunday

Posted on February 1, 2005 Under Art

Brooklyn based Pamela Sunday's ceramics are inspired by the microscopic shapes found in nature. She is known for her richly textured surfaces and imaginative shapes. When she completes each sculpture they look as though they had sprouted from the soil…

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look at book

Posted on January 20, 2005 Under Books

What a brilliant and beautiful idea. For thirty-six weeks, a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists: two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast. Each week they would send the book to the next artists giving each artist 5…

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Better Tomorrow

Posted on January 5, 2005 Under Art

Better Tomorrow was a large-scale group show with two distinct themes; exploring views of the world that we live in today vs. the world as it can be tomorrow. These pieces were wheat-pasted around NYC during the show. Proceeds from…

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