Jose Parla

Posted on February 2, 2005 Under Art

José Parla is inspired by all the anonymous artwork found in streets all over the world. I find compositions on surfaces of deteriorated walls, and remnants of construction markings. In my paintings I create layers and textures representing the age of memories collected through different periods of my life. Evidence is left on walls by fleeting creators both aware of their message, and oblivious to what I may find in their signs. Still, they remain mostly unidentified. When working on my paintings I imagine different people are making choices to write, paint, or destroy the surfaces. To do this I employ techniques to age my work, adopting materials normally used in construction sites.

I think the outcome of the approach is really successful–inspired but not limited to the urban environment around us. Some of the work was just in the Chelsea Art Musem in a show called Hollywood to the Street: From the Poster to Graffiti and right now can be seen at a show in Philadelphia at the 222gallery.