Dollar Shave Club

Posted on March 7, 2012 Under Life

Dollar Shave Club. I'm in.  Genius.

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Ritual: Hello Machosexual!

Posted on June 13, 2008 Under Life

If you're like me and you're stumped about what to get your pops for his upcoming 'day' (it's on Sunday... dang it!), and you're also sick of your pops calling you out as a metrosexual just because you choose to…

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Thick as Thieves

Posted on November 16, 2007 Under Fashion

I have a few events coming up before the end of the year and I knew my mashup of blazers, slacks, and dress shirts from different designers no longer passes muster for a suit. I knew I had to get…

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Unruly Heir Spring '08

Posted on August 29, 2007 Under Fashion

Unruly Heir recently updated their site with a little bite of their upcoming Spring '08 collection, and even though I'm almost too stoked on Fall to care about warm-weather clothes, I have to give them a thumbs up for what's…

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Design Showcase Spotlight: Phillips Head Cufflinks

Posted on August 10, 2007 Under Design

There's certain people in my life who would be virtually impossible to get into a dress shirt. They are the kind of guys who'd turn up in a tuxedo shirt, blazer and checkered Vans to a wedding, and would rather…

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Banca da Camisetas: Brazil

Posted on July 24, 2007 Under Fashion

T-shirt wonderland Banca de Camisetas in Sao Paulo has begun a foray into the male underwear biz. The store is known foremost for its fashion-forward tee designs from Brazilian designers and partnerships with heavyweights like automobile maker Fiat, all displayed…

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Lakeview Manufacturing Company: Chicago

Posted on July 11, 2007 Under Fashion

The Wrigleyville neighborhood in Chicago will never be thought of as a shopping destination, at least not unless you're in the market for an Old Style, roasted peanuts, or a Hebrew National frank. There are a few spots here and…

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Monsieur T Fall/Winter 2007 Peek

Posted on June 25, 2007 Under Fashion

The term "buyer's regret" is sort of similar, but what do you call it when you see something you like only to find out it's not made for you? Because I'm having a major, itchy case it after seeing Monsieur…

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Common Projects Achilles Mid-Top Model 1528

Posted on June 21, 2007 Under Fashion

Ya Ya, I know I've been touting boat shoes a lot lately as the essential summer set of kicks, but I just had to give a nod to these Common Projects Achilles Mid-Top Model 1528's. And thanks to Refinery29's Loryn…

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billWillie: Style/Conscious

Posted on June 20, 2007 Under Life

There's a tragically jaded part of me that likes to roll my eyes every time I hear about another new fashion label trying to save the world. I actually agree, in theory anyway, with the concept of fashion as a…

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