White & White Clock

Posted on March 9, 2012 Under Design

Neat desk or wall digital LED clock by designer Vadim Kibardin. It's going to go for $202 at retail. Looking forward to seeing these out in the wild soon! Via Cool Material

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On Time Clock

Posted on July 18, 2011 Under Design

Totally fun clock that gives you an extra 3 minutes of time by Diamantini & Domeniconi.  No more need to set your clock forward a few minutes. Via Core77

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Posted on June 27, 2010 Under Design

Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk is a clock with no hands and no numbers, just words. Available in 10 different languages and 6 different colors (Black Ice Tea Shown). Lovely, although a bit steep at 885 Euros. Via Notcot.org

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Posted on August 21, 2009 Under Design

Great product ideas happening over at Quirky as usual! Check this lightbulb shaped bedside clock"“ the alarm illuminates the bulb as you wake up if the blaring sound isn't enough. This product is in pre-sale and 300 need to be…

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Wall Clock Radius

Posted on June 18, 2009 Under Design

Digging the Radius Design Wall Clock from the Cologne, Germany based design group"“ the buyer of this clock has the choice of setting the dimensions of the piece him/herself. That means you can place as many/few hours as you choose.…

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Posted on October 7, 2008 Under Gadgetry

If being woken up in the morning by a dutiful robot buddy is a trait of the future, then Tokyobay has assured that the future is now. Tokibot clocks take three classic robot styles and equip them with chest-inlaid timepieces…

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Life Clock

Posted on March 13, 2008 Under Design

If you're anything like us, you remember sitting in school as a kid thinking that the clock on the classroom wall was exacting the most cruel of tortures by moving especially slow in order to keep us indefinitely steeped in…

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TikTak: Every Minute Counts

Posted on February 1, 2008 Under Design

Telling time is hard. First, you have to remember that the little hand points to the hour; then you have to remember that the big hand tells you what minute it is. It gets even harder when you realize that…

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New PopJunkie: Clocks!

Posted on December 12, 2007 Under Design

Our friends at PopJunkie just dropped three new and badass clocks, and if you order one (as with any of their tshirts or other home accessories) by the end of the week, they promise to have it in your hands…

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Paula McCullough: Limited Edition Clock Collection

Posted on November 19, 2007 Under Design

You may recall earlier this year when we pointed you in the direction of the tremendous talent that is Paula McCullough, alerting you to her unique brand of puzzle art. Well, Paula is back in our good graces and not…

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