TikTak: Every Minute Counts

Posted on February 1, 2008 Under Design

Telling time is hard. First, you have to remember that the little hand points to the hour; then you have to remember that the big hand tells you what minute it is. It gets even harder when you realize that a great deal of clocks don't even list every minute, so sometimes the big hand hovers between two numbers and you're left to guess the exact time. Oh the humanity! Now, before you get yourself in a tizzy over just what time it is, we think you should take a look at the TikTak from Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe. The dutch designers have created a visually arresting clock that leaves no minute to the imagination, as all sixty numbers are arranged in interleaved layers. Resembling something you might find floating in space, each powder coated metal minute arm of this nearly twenty four-inch timepiece is colored a varying degree of gray to display depth. After all, you wouldn't want to confuse your twenty-third minute with your twenty-fourth minute.