Paula McCullough: Limited Edition Clock Collection

Posted on November 19, 2007 Under Design

You may recall earlier this year when we pointed you in the direction of the tremendous talent that is Paula McCullough, alerting you to her unique brand of puzzle art. Well, Paula is back in our good graces and not a moment too soon. This time she’s not juggling jigsaw pieces, but rather, she’s turned her attentions towards the construction of clockwork. Ms. McCullough has spent just over a year creating a limited edition collection of 60 (out of an eventual 100) clocks whose bases are made from rusty railroad tie plates found buried under overgrown weeds on the abandoned tracks near her home in Stowe, Vermont. These tie plates have welded backs, and serve to float the clock from the wall and protect the clock movement. The bases aren't the only special component of these creations; they are almost entirely resultant of second-hand serendipity as the clock faces were also formed from found objects, making them truly unique tellers of time that are worth discovering for yourself. You may want to hurry though as these displays of duration are sure to disappear into the homes of discriminating chrono-philes before you can say, “time’s up!”