Brasil Eco Show: Sao Paulo

Posted on June 1, 2007 Under Design

Sustainable design is the focus of the 1st Annual Brasil Eco Show that runs from today until June 5 in Sao Paulo, which is bringing together architects, civil engineers, professors, members of Greenpeace and people usually involved in construction to…

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O Crepusculo: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 30, 2007 Under Art

Fotonovelas, which are most easily explained as dramatic pulp-fiction tales akin to comic strips but with photos instead of drawings, have enjoyed brief success in the States, but many people internationally -- including Brazilians -- grew up reading (or should…

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Rogerio Lionzo

Posted on May 29, 2007 Under Art

Rogerio Lionzo is a Brazilian designer who's been producing some great work alongside Studio Mopa, a young agency whose talented team of artists have already racked up an impressive list of clients. Along with some beautiful font design and jaw-dropping…

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TrocaBrahma: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 29, 2007 Under Music

Brazilian beer company Brahma is organizing a cultural exchange for its TrocaBrahma music festival, inviting popular U.K. artists to Brazil to collaborate with some the latter's indie and pop/rock groups. The sonic results are presented in a series of shows…

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Atelier Machado Notebooks

Posted on May 25, 2007 Under Books

I'm an enthusiastic user of Moleskine notebooks because they're high quality, but now that everyone and their mother has one now, I'm always getting paranoid about my roommates mistaking mine for theirs if I ever accidentally leave it laying around…

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ALGO: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 22, 2007 Under Design

Now that I'm finally settling into my digs here in Sao Paulo, I've been looking around for pieces to spruce up my place and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), there's no IKEA here to help. But…

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Resfest Brasil

Posted on May 18, 2007 Under Art

I've been to the digital film festival Resfest before in the States and always look forward to it, so I'm blocking out the next three days when it stops here in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian version will include films that…

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Rockers: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 16, 2007 Under Art

If you love music magazines as much as I do, you already know how to appreciate a good rock photographer: it's the one who can get into places other than the back stage or trailer to show the adoring public…

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Trofeu Gameworld: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 9, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Tonight will mark an important time for video games in Brazil. Fifty-thousand dedicated gaming fans have voted for their favorite 2006 games, and the winners will be announced at the 3rd Annual Trofeu Gameworld event -- the largest of its…

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Tirana: Sao Paulo

Posted on May 7, 2007 Under Travel

Late last week I had a chance to check out the two-week-old Tirana, a club in Sao Paulo's center district. As soon as I entered, I felt an instant wave of nostalgia hit when I reached the second-story venue. It…

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