Atelier Machado Notebooks

Posted on May 25, 2007 Under Books

I’m an enthusiastic user of Moleskine notebooks because they’re high quality, but now that everyone and their mother has one now, I’m always getting paranoid about my roommates mistaking mine for theirs if I ever accidentally leave it laying around the house. So when I came across the similar-looking notebooks at Atelier Machado in Sao Paulo, I had to really hold back from buying all of them. The studio, which specializes in binding and restoration, as well as producing paper products like photo albums and writing pads, unabashedly call their versions “replicas”, but placed in comparison with Ernest Hemingway’s notebook of choice, Atelier Machado’s versions are actually anything but the pieces that inspired them. The huge difference is in the color: the sides of each notebook have each been swiped in a variety of shades, with a matching elastic closure. Atelier Machado has taken it a step further though, by offering a choice of shiny metallic covers paired with contrasting colors. For the avid notetaker who believes his thoughts are worth a million bucks, there’s also a leather-bound line with matching pens. Sizes vary, and price out between $10 to $36.