Flip and Tumble Bags

Posted on April 29, 2009 Under Eco

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Reusable bags. I want to use (and reuse) my reusable bags, but I always forget them at home. I love how many of them I see around lately though. I don’t carry a purse so carrying it around is a little tricky, but maybe I just need to get over that and carry it with pride. Flip and Tumble is a new (and I know, another) maker of Reusable Bags"“ and these ones look really awesome. Unlike Baggu (which we still love), the Flip and Tumble bags have a small little compartment to pack the bag back into sewn/built inside the bag, so you’ll never lose the little carrier. The bags are available in nearly a dozen colors and cost $9 if you buy 1-2, $8 if you buy 3-6 and $7 a pop if you buy more than 7. I say, Buy 7 and gift to your friends or family and help rid the world of plastic bags.