Marinde van Leeuwen's Designer Cheese

Posted on February 9, 2009 Under Food

Cheese packaging stinks. And it's not just because it's wrapped around a nice aged blue. It seems that when other foodstuffs were getting a much-needed revamp, they forgot all about cheese. Everyone except Marinde van Leeuwen of DesignKAAS. Inspired by…

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Stella Artois N'Box

Posted on February 2, 2009 Under Food

To promote their beer in Sao Paulo, Stella Artois is leaning away from straightforward marketing and pushing a new concept called Stella Artois N'Box. Running now through Feb. 19, Stella is offering exclusive, luxury experiences inside a shipping container stationed…

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Geek Cake

Posted on January 29, 2009 Under Food

We love cake like fat kids love cake. Seriously. And since we also love video games, our slightly-improved waistline (thanks, New Year's resolutions!) is giving us the evil eye for checking out these geeky cakes and cupcakes compiled by Larissa…

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Bridge Brands Chocolate Contest

Posted on January 23, 2009 Under Food

Fair trade, dark, cherry, milk, mocha"”no matter your chocolate preference, winning a year's worth would be little short of lovely. Bridge Brands Chocolate's current contest is soliciting 600-word essays about ways that the treat (or the necessity, depending upon whom…

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Municipal Winemakers

Posted on January 7, 2009 Under Food

We love bringing people together. Employees and employers, husbands and wives, and graphic artists and small wineries... We recently got an e-mail from Dave Potter at Municipal Winemakers thanking us for cluing him in to Brooklyn artist Jon Stetzen, who…

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Sagatiba Films

Posted on October 21, 2008 Under Food

After Oprah endorsed açai -- the Amazonian berry that's making a sensation on the grocery aisles and likely in your tummies in your part of the world right now -- it was only inevitable that cachaça, the Brazilian rum made…

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The Peanut Butter Machine

Posted on October 15, 2008 Under Food

Reader poll: How many of you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? Did you make your own peanut butter? You can with the Peanut Butter Machine. It accepts all different kind of nuts, and if you haven't…

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Beverage Piercing Bullets

Posted on October 14, 2008 Under Food

Normally we would say that weaponry and drinks don't mix but there are those unforeseen events in which you might feel the need to call in the heavy artillery. For refreshment aficionados looking to add an arctic blast to their…

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P.B. Slices

Posted on October 6, 2008 Under Food
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Uoshins Sushi Tokyo

Posted on September 22, 2008 Under Food

With a few locations around Tokyo, Uoshins is my new favorite Japanese sushi spot. It's affordable, incredibly fresh (fish is laid out on ice when you walk in) and casual. The location I went to in Nogizaka is an old…

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