Uoshins Sushi Tokyo

Posted on September 22, 2008 Under Food

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With a few locations around Tokyo, Uoshins is my new favorite Japanese sushi spot. It’s affordable, incredibly fresh (fish is laid out on ice when you walk in) and casual. The location I went to in Nogizaka is an old converted gas stand with outdoor/indoor seating and a great, fun, buzzing atmosphere. Make sure to try the uni, maguro-kama, and just about anything else on the menu (which is in Japanese, so good luck reading it, just smile and ask for Omakase, the chefs choice…)

Directions and map (thanks Alex) in English after the jump.

Directions to Uoshins:

Get on the subway line called Chiyoda line (千代田線) it’s the greenish line.
Take that to Nogizaka station (乃木坂)and get off.
When you get off there are different numbered exits. You want to find exit 3.
When you are heading out exit 3 the stairs will fork. One set going pretty much straight, and another set going off to the right.
Go up the stairs that break right and it will put you coming out parallel with the street. Walk straight with the street and immediately you should see a traffic light and a busy looking restaurant on the left side of the street. That’s Uoshins. An old converted gas stand with outside seating.