Jose Parla

Posted on February 2, 2005 Under Art

José Parla is inspired by all the anonymous artwork found in streets all over the world. I find compositions on surfaces of deteriorated walls, and remnants of construction markings. In my paintings I create layers and textures representing the age…

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Pamela Sunday

Posted on February 1, 2005 Under Art

Brooklyn based Pamela Sunday's ceramics are inspired by the microscopic shapes found in nature. She is known for her richly textured surfaces and imaginative shapes. When she completes each sculpture they look as though they had sprouted from the soil…

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Scott Rench

Posted on January 28, 2005 Under Art

Scott Rench has got to have one of the most inventive lines of artwork I have seen in a very long time, not to mention cool. Computers and clay is an unusual combination of tools to create artwork with, but…

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Better Tomorrow

Posted on January 5, 2005 Under Art

Better Tomorrow was a large-scale group show with two distinct themes; exploring views of the world that we live in today vs. the world as it can be tomorrow. These pieces were wheat-pasted around NYC during the show. Proceeds from…

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12oz Artist Series

Posted on January 3, 2005 Under Art

I really like this sweet set of four original works from four very sick artists. Done with a four-part lithograph printed on premium heavy-weight stock. Wait, I'm going to say Four again here, because these four fellas: Cody Hudson, Evan…

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Posted on January 3, 2005 Under Art does retro inspired personalized pop art. It looks like a "˜buncha folks got crazy with a few Photoshop plug-ins and after final touchups, vwhalla. You email them an image of whatever you want to use for the portrait, and…

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Patent Pending Industries

Posted on December 21, 2004 Under Art

Finding good posters is sometimes a little tricky; and I'm not much of a poster guy, but put a nice print in a frame and we're talking business. Patent Pending Industries has solved that. I'm not exactly sure how they…

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Ogi Graphics

Posted on December 6, 2004 Under Art

I've never gotten a chance to sit down and chat with Tokyo bread and SF living OGI, but we have exchanged some phone calls, some emails, and he recently sent me a set of his kick ass buttons. He's redefining…

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Dee Adams

Posted on November 1, 2004 Under Art

I like the work of Dee Adams, her abstract works are acrylics on canvas. All are limited editions.

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Rugged Art

Posted on October 27, 2004 Under Art

This collection of hand knotted carpets desiged by young graphic artists such as Romon Kimin Yang and Jose Parla are damn cool eh? Made entirely by hand, kntted in hand-spun Tibetan wool, swiss dye, "crafted to last a lifetime". I…

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