Ogi Graphics

Posted on December 6, 2004 Under Art

I’ve never gotten a chance to sit down and chat with Tokyo bread and SF living OGI, but we have exchanged some phone calls, some emails, and he recently sent me a set of his kick ass buttons. He’s redefining Asian Pop Culture, his work ranges from huge pieces of canvas to tightly digital rendered art. His diverse styles mix a little graffiti, a little urban, the obvious anime and magna influence, a lot of skill, and whole lot of pop. His characters are love-able, colors are always interesting; and you get the idea, I dig his work His site OGI GRAPHICS hosts a nice portfolio of both canvas and digital prints available for sale.


He has created some wallets for sale from Poketo and he is featured in the new Io: Art of the Wired book: Io: Art of the Wired is here to clobber the gloss with a voyeuristic trip into the lives and minds of these deviant artists. Featuring 7 artists in a celebration of pop culture.