Your Type of Tee?

Posted on April 16, 2008 Under Fashion

When it comes to getting some new sweet t-shirts, the folks at Progresswear know just the “type” you’re looking for. Known for producing shirts with political messages or as they like to say “meaningful messages for thinking people”, the socially conscious apparel brand has taken a bit of a departure from their usual aesthetic, releasing their first in their new line of shirts aimed at designers and typophiles alike. The Helvetica Neue Descending shirt is a redesign of Max Miedinger’s own classic 1957 work featuring one of our favorite fonts on a black t-shirt descending in weights ranging from Ultra Black 95 to Ultra Light 25. If you’re suffering from the same case of typophilia that we are, we recommend heading to their online store and grabbing one of these babies for yourself at the special pre-release price available until May 15th. A portion of the shirt sales will be donated to Design Education programs…sounds like the “type” of cause we could really get behind.