Solving Seasonal Schizophrenia

Posted on April 17, 2008 Under Fashion

When the calendar hits the vernal equinox our natural inclination is to rid ourselves of multiple layers and bust out the short sleeves. However, every spring season has it’s grace period. It doesn’t automatically get warm because a certain date has passed and often times the weather fluctuates so wildly between mildly warm and “let’s stay inside” that finding a happy medium as far as your outerwear goes seems nearly impossible. Thankfully, the folks at Spyder Freeryde have taken seasonal Schizophrenia into account to give you the ultimate option for dealing with the Spring weather’s multiple personality disorder. The Boulder-based active sports apparel company’s ultra-versatile Northshore Windbreaker is made from super lightweight wind and water resistant fabric and is equipped with two-toned zippered sleeves that allow it to be warn as both a jacket and a vest, making it an ideal option for when it’s just sorta warm or perfectly pleasant. We suggest picking one up and solving your seasonal coat quandary for good.