Timbuk 2: Air Steve Sleeve

Posted on April 1, 2008 Under Eco

Just because your new Mac Airbook is small enough to fit in a manilla envelope doesn’t mean you should be toting it around protected only by a flimsy layer of paper. There are more practical ways to transport your new precious piece of equipment. We recommend the new Steve Sleeve from Timbuk2. This sleek Mac Messenger, while appearing paper-thin, actually sports a durable softshell exterior made from a material similar to that of the jacket you go mountain climbing in (assuming you go mountain climbing). It also sports an eco-friendly soft brush fleece lining made from recycled soda bottles to pad your new baby from bruises on the inside. Did we mention the seam welds utilize a non-toxic glue? Well, now we did. Indeed, The Steve Sleeve allows you to be nice to your laptop and your environment at the same time.