Peter Kozma: Denver's Enlightenment

Posted on April 1, 2008 Under Art

New York is the city that never sleeps, Los Angeles is the City of Angels, and Paris is known as the City of Lights…but Peter Kozma may beg to differ on that last one. You see, any city where the Hungarian artist happens to be putting on one of his stunning public light art installations might just pilfer that moniker, at least temporarily. Kozma has previously projected massive images onto plazas, streets, and buildings to transform city environments such as Helsinki, Budapest, and Essen into spectacles of shape, light, and color. Next up, Kozma is seeking to unleash his several state of his art high performance “Pani Slide” projectors on the fair city of Denver, Colorado, thanks to a sponsorship by local Denver arts organization, The Invisible Museum. Before Kozma turns the Mile-High City into a Mile-High movie screen he’ll be visiting from April 3rd to 13th to select a location and plan the installation. If you happen to be in Denver on those days, we recommend checking out Kozma’s speech at the Denver Art Museum on April 8th, as part of the museum’s Design Council Lecture Series. It’s sure to be enlightening"¦(oh yes we did).