Bit Museum

Posted on February 6, 2009 Under Life

There are plenty games from the 70s and 80s that we all remember: Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros... But there are also plenty you don't. And for good reason. If you want to take a trip down reject…

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Arcade Coat Hooks

Posted on January 13, 2009 Under Design

We miss arcades. Mainly because they were a great place for scoping hot guys and eating massive amounts of sugar. But now, we can relive those moments -- home decor style -- with Surface Tension's HangUP Arcade Coat Hooks. The…

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Space Invaders Keychains

Posted on November 10, 2008 Under Design
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Supermandolini: Arcade and Toolbar Badges

Posted on November 6, 2008 Under Fashion

Supermandolini has repeatedly indulged our inner geek with their adornments that recall our heyday as gamers and computer enthusiasts. Their latest creations recall both our formative years at the Bad Dudes machine in the mall and the formidable hours we've…

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Blip Festival 2008

Posted on November 6, 2008 Under Music

Attention serious nerds, get out your Google calendar and mark it down with the following information: On December 4 - 7, the Blip Festival 2008 comes to New York to recycle your Commodore 64, Atari 2800, NES ... possibly even…

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Skydiving for Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift

Posted on October 29, 2008 Under Life

If you're a gamer you're probably looking forward to the next installment of Motorstorm, Pacific Rift. If you're a stuntman for their Dutch ad campaign "Air Raid," all you're looking to do is land safely on the ground. To create…

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Console Wars Veteran II

Posted on September 12, 2008 Under Fashion

In your heyday, you were certainly a pro at Playstation. You consistently took on Gran Turismo at the highest setting. And while It may be some time since you last finished off a fellow fighter in Mortal Kombat, there's no…

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Eepmon XBox 360

Posted on July 24, 2008 Under Design, Life

Our friend Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) just sent us a scoop from Deutschland: XBox 360, the console that you are probably procrastinating with right now, are using E's frenetic, acid-dripped designs in a new, multi-platform Austrian campaign. If we're lucky…

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Wiimbledon Deux: the Wiinnebago!

Posted on March 12, 2008 Under Travel

After Monday's Federer versus Sampras exhibition at MSG, we were all set to play winner. The striped socks were half way up when we realized: we suck at tennis. Luckily Lane, Steve, and their Wii-equipped Wiinnebago are coming to your…

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Mini Axe To Grind

Posted on February 15, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Attention all guitar heroes: do you spend the entirety of your daily grind day dreaming about those legendary rock 'n' roll video game moments you're going to create once you get back from the office? Don't you wish you could…

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