Wiimbledon Deux: the Wiinnebago!

Posted on March 12, 2008 Under Travel

After Monday’s Federer versus Sampras exhibition at MSG, we were all set to play winner. The striped socks were half way up when we realized: we suck at tennis. Luckily Lane, Steve, and their Wii-equipped Wiinnebago are coming to your town and ready to take on even the least athletic of us. Last year the guys set up a tournament at Barcade in Brooklyn, inviting 128 competitors to square off in Wii Tennis madness. This year they need your help. As they make their way to San Francisco in June, they need places to play, places to play, and gamers to best. To make it from coast to coast they’ll take parking lots, couches, back rooms, and maybe even an alley or two to set up the tournaments. Hell, they’ll even shill your product. The final tournament will take place in San Francisco on June 21st, location TBD. So, help these guys. All they want is a little friendly competition.