$10 at Threadless.com.. Again!

Posted on February 9, 2006 Under Fashion

A little birdie told me a few codes they found around the 'internets' that make any order over at Threadless just $10. There are a few rules though-- you have to buy at least 3 or more t-shirts, and the…

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Threadless $10 Holiday Sale

Posted on December 5, 2005 Under Fashion

Threadless is at it again with the annual $10 Holiday Sale. That means all their t-shirts are on sale for $10-- with hundreds to choose from you're bound to find something for yourself, family, or friends for the holidays. $10,…

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Karmaloop Store Opening

Posted on December 2, 2005 Under Fashion

In celebration of Karmaloop's new store at 160 Newbury Street in Boston, they threw an extremely nutty party last week. And you better believe there was a JS.com correspondent on the scene. Apparently the venue was packed to the brim…

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adidas Oddity

Posted on October 27, 2005 Under Fashion

I just added some of the funky adidas All Black's into my shoe mix over here at the headquarters. They're from the famed adidas Oddity collection, a wacky line of funky mismatched colors, patterns, and fabric swatches. I got them…

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NYC Burton Store

Posted on September 27, 2005 Under Travel

I stopped by the new Burton store this past weekend and NYC, and I was very pleased. It's so funny that it took a store this long to put proper 'in store testing' in place for their products. The only…

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Boulder: Installation Shoe Gallery

Posted on August 30, 2005 Under Fashion

Last Friday in Boulder, the young hipsters were out in masses-- an unusual site to see them in such a large group away from "The Hill". They were lined up outside a well-lit retail store-- music, and heat poured from…

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Rock’n Clothing New Store

Posted on August 22, 2005 Under Fashion

Rock'n clothing finally has an online store where you can view and purchase there shirts. I'm partial to the "Crest" design, easily a favorite, and an instant classic. As usual, all the shirts are custom manufactured, and enzyme washed for…

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Design Bookshop

Posted on July 18, 2005 Under Books

I love design books, I find myself lusting after rare typography books online all the time. There is a new site, called the Design Bookshop, that is making finding the right books easier. They hand picked the most essential and…

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Bridge Footwear

Posted on July 13, 2005 Under Fashion

There's another online shop for the old-school and rare sneaker lovers out there, they're called Bridge Footwear. They have a solid lineup, an impressive collection of rare kicks. Lots of classics, and rarities like the Nom De Guerr Air 180…

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Posted on June 30, 2005 Under Fashion

Moda-Mia is a small online boutique with some unique and extremely limited edition men and womens fashion. They feature up and coming designers--the concept of Moda-Mia is to increase the availability of amazing designs from tomorrow's hottest designers. Their group…

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