Jean-Charles de Castelbajac x Triumph of the Sign

Posted on April 24, 2009 Under Art

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac might have a remarkable name to say (try it) but he also has quite an impressive rap sheet considering this as his first solo show as an artist. Coming from a high profile fashion background, his artwork…

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Desiree Holman: Burqa and Bikinis

Posted on April 16, 2009 Under Art

At first glance, interdisciplinary Oakland-based artist Desirée Holman’s  burqa and bikini wearing women bear little resemblance to the pencil-drawn character wearing a Liza Minelli-esque mask that opens Holman’s website, so much so that you may wonder if they were created by…

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Eeepmon Goes Big In Japan

Posted on April 15, 2009 Under Art

While most artists struggle to be big in the States, others strive for the glory of being big in Japan after they've flopped in America.  Of course, that isn't really the case with (our dear friend) the Canadian-born multi-disciplinary artist eepmon…

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KAWS Show in NYC

Posted on November 7, 2008 Under Art

I popped by the KAWS' opening last night at Gering & Lopez Gallery and was pretty impressed. The crowd was huge (too many people to even see the art very well), and a line snaked around the room to wait…

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Jose Parla Adaption/Translation Exhibition

Posted on October 19, 2008 Under Art

I've been a Parla collector and fan for years-- since he came on to the mainstream art buying radar in a big way at the Art Basel Cityscapes exhibition in Miami a few years ago, his work (and the prices)…

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Posted on October 9, 2008 Under Travel

My friends in Japan think I'm nuts-- each time I'm in Tokyo (or even in London), I dive head first into Muji and stock up on everything. With 341 stores in Japan alone, it's sort of like a 7-Eleven to…

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