Poetry Bombing

Posted on June 28, 2011 Under Art

Artist Agustina Woodgate has been going into thrift stores and secretly sewing poems inside clothes. Awesome. Via Booooooom

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Zevs Liquidated Prints

Posted on May 2, 2011 Under Art

More Liquidated Logos from Zevs– this time prints for £200. A deal. Related: Zev's NYC Show.

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Zevs: NYC Show

Posted on March 14, 2011 Under Art

I'm a little late on this– but it's worth a visit. Zev's latest Liquidated Logos show in NYC at the De Buck Gallery. As a proud owner of a liquidated LV and Chanel logo– I'm now eyeing many more additions…

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Walls Are Dancing

Posted on September 14, 2010 Under Art

MWM is at it again, this time in France. Check the work out above from the YouTube video now! This summer, we invited mural painter Matt W. Moore to create a series of live painting performances on walls in MARSEILLE, LYON,…

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Graffiti Analysis

Posted on April 19, 2010 Under Life

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo. This Graffiti Analysis project is wildly impressive.  Via QBN Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. Custom software designed for graffiti writers creates visualizations of…

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Krink Mini Cooper

Posted on October 29, 2009 Under Art

Legendary New York street artist Craig “KR” Costello customized a Mini Cooper S with his signature KRINK aesthetic. The car was shown today at Erste Liebe Bar in Hamburg, Germany. A vernissage takes place at Vicious Gallery on October 31st.…

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Dubois Meets Fugger Elevator

Posted on August 7, 2009 Under Art

Crazy work on an elevator shaft in Antwerp by Darrin Umboh from the creative collective Leyp. To many people, the elevator is just a device to get you up or down. A ride in this amazing warehouse elevator in the…

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Mulheres Barbadas: 5 Days Live at Micasa

Posted on July 28, 2009 Under Art

Mulheres Barbadas must have been working out their arms, but considering what we already know about them, they're used to it. They're a few steps beyond the starting line of five long days of live painting at Sao Paulo's concept…

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Banksy's Coming For Dinner

Posted on May 19, 2009 Under Art

Banksy, beloved English street artist owes much of his popularity and fame to his voluntary anonymity. Some would call it admirable, an artist could surely garner more fame and fortune if he revealed his face. While others, like myself, think…

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Ji Lee: "Delete Billboard"

Posted on April 27, 2009 Under Art

Hundreds of unregistered billboards flood the NYC urban landscape, creating a glut of unregulated eyesores on nearly every formerly barren surface. While the city allows this unregulated illegal ugliness to stand unchecked, Jordan Seiler and PublicAdCampaign.com decided it was high…

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