Mulheres Barbadas: 5 Days Live at Micasa

Posted on July 28, 2009 Under Art


Mulheres Barbadas must have been working out their arms, but considering what we already know about them, they’re used to it. They’re a few steps beyond the starting line of five long days of live painting at Sao Paulo’s concept furniture store Micasa, where they’ll leave nothing"”walls, tables, chairs, refrigerators, even owner Houssein Jarouche’s Mini Cooper"”untouched with black marker. The duo, who take turns intertwining each other’s wacky drawings in magnificent detail, are streaming their intense art session on their site and told me they are already so productive that they’re running out of things to paint. In fact, it must not only be their arms that are tired but their brains too: they’re encouraging viewers to suggest what images they want them to put on the walls and furniture by adding the tag “#mulheresbarbadas” to Tweets. After Mulheres Barbadas reach the finish line, they’ll put the finished goods on for sale at Micasa. The walls will likely stay put though"“the building’s schedule to be demolished in a few months. Tune in between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sao Paulo time to watch the fun unfold.