Chrome for iOS

Posted on June 30, 2012 Under Life

I tried it. I'm impressed. Check out Chrome for iOS on your iPhone and iPad. I think it's time for Apple to up the ante on their mobile browser, that's for sure.

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Google Nexus One

Posted on January 5, 2010 Under Gadgetry

As you read this, Google is holding a press conference at their Mountain View headquarters to announce the Nexus One, a phone that many feel is the first true arrival of what the Android OS was meant to be. The…

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Posted on August 31, 2009 Under Life

Many people are creating projects based on free Google tools, APIs, and Google brand as inspiration at large. Goollery is an online gallery dedicated to collect, archive and showcase some of the most creative, fun and innovative Google-related* projects from…

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Google Chrome Bento Box

Posted on June 14, 2009 Under Life

Anna the Red makes brilliant character bento, often with a nod toward anime and video games. Her Kyaraben transforms the traditional Japanese lunch box into a work of art. Recently, someone from Google took notice of Anna's bento prowess and…

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iGoogle Artist Themes

Posted on May 2, 2008 Under Art

If you haven't logged into your iGoogle page yet, you're missing out on a rad new customizing feature: artist themes to personalize your search toolbar. I've got mine set on Nigo's camo apes, but that's after I changed it from…

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Watch Me At Google Zeitgeist

Posted on May 27, 2007 Under Press

As promised my presentation last week at Google Zeitgeist is now online for your viewing pleasure-- the fine group at Google did an extraordinary job editing and posting the video to YouTube. It was truly an honor to speak alongside…

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Digital Youth Trends: Google Zeitgeist

Posted on May 23, 2007 Under Life

My apologies for the radio silence since I arrived here in London! I've had an incredible past few days, filled with meetings and engagements. The most notable experience was definitely my talk at Google Zeitgeist yesterday followed by a panel…

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Vulcan Edition Google Servers

Posted on March 21, 2007 Under Art

Legendary graffiti artist Vulcan was recently commissioned to paint a line of servers for Google in conjunction with his solo show that recently opened on the company's Mountain View Campus. You can browse the work from the show on Vulcan's…

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Posted on November 15, 2006 Under Design

GeoGreeting is a nifty little Google Maps mash-up that lets you write words and messages with corresponding buildings to shape each letter. The J in Josh is a building in Ponomona, CA while the S in Spear is from Minneapolis,…

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Google Mars

Posted on March 13, 2006 Under Travel

Google just quietly launched Google Mars-- I kid you not. This online application allows you to browse the martian landscape the same way Google Maps allows you to scan and research our planet earth. Browse the mountains, canyons, dunes, plains,…

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