Moncler: Italian Tradition, Performance, and Style

Posted on January 30, 2007 Under Fashion

As I write this, I am wondering to myself how the hell I'm going to get one of these jackets. The vaunted Moncler outerwear lines are sold mainly in Italy and Japan, and although Moncler is sold in 1500 stores…

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Alai Skateboards: Spain

Posted on January 25, 2007 Under Life

I grew up admiring the skill (and cojones) of mostly U.S.-based skateboarders, but kids these days have the privilege of idolizing skateboarders from all over the world-- talk about a sport that has really taken off from a popularity standpoint.…

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Jeremiah Palecek: Nerd Art

Posted on January 19, 2007 Under Art

Many of you know about Tom Judd's successful quest to illustrate one page per day for an entire year. Well, Jeremiah Palecek had the same goal, but he is a Czech painter specializing in nerd art. To Jeremiah, 'nerd art'…

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Markus Hofer

Posted on October 23, 2006 Under Art

My German is (still) rusty, but that doesn't stop me from totally admiring Markus Hofer's unique and borderline genius work. Due to the language barrier (any German readers want to offer a translation of his about page?), I can't tell…

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Pietari Posti

Posted on October 16, 2006 Under Art

We're huge fans of Barcelona based freelance artist Pietari Posti's work. Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Pietari says during his childhood other kids would ask him to play, but he preferred to stay inside and draw. Sooner than later they stopped…

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Louis Vuitton’s Icons

Posted on October 16, 2006 Under Art

The Espace Louis Vuitton in Paris extended invitations to a wide range of talented individuals across a variety of artistic disciplines to interpret the Louis Vuitton Icons. From architects to writers, sculptors and scenographers-- the collection turned out (no surprise)…

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Hanae Mori Retrospective: Paris

Posted on September 28, 2006 Under Travel

Hanae Mori began her prestigious career as a costume designer in the post-war Japan movie scene. In 1965 she presented her famous collection, "East Meets West" in New York, and in 1979 she became the only Asian designer to be…

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Posted on September 6, 2006 Under Design

Last week our good friend The Columnist had a chance to meet the Creative Director and Graphic Designer Etienne Mineur at his Paris studio. In 2000, Etienne, along with some good friends founded Incandescence Creative Studio which has since become…

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Sozopol: Bulgaria

Posted on August 24, 2006 Under Travel

For a bargain tropical breeze, a striking blend of cobblestones and bikinis and $20/night Black-sea-views, find your way to Sozopol on the coast in Bulgaria. This might be one of the best-fighting-to-be-kept secrets in Eastern Europe. Bulgarians will tell you…

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Church of Bones: Prague

Posted on August 21, 2006 Under Travel

If you're in Prague and need a Pilsner break, escape to Sedlec's Church of All Saints ossuary to see the amazing but macabre sculptures of 40,000 skeletons, victims of the Bubonic Plague, Hussite Wars and other unfortunate incidents. Apparently, the…

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