Moncler: Italian Tradition, Performance, and Style

Posted on January 30, 2007 Under Fashion

As I write this, I am wondering to myself how the hell I’m going to get one of these jackets. The vaunted Moncler outerwear lines are sold mainly in Italy and Japan, and although Moncler is sold in 1500 stores world-wide, it’s not the easiest to come by. It’s a brand with tradition and time in its front pocket, possessing a unique story– it was founded in 1952 as a ‘keep you warm’ brand, and has evolved since to become a ‘make you look like a million dollars’ brand. The evolution of Moncler has endured tough financial times, court-ordered foreclosures, and a re-birth that has propelled it into an enviable position in the luxury outerwear market. Now created by world-noted designers, these jackets kept Italian climbers warm in the 1950’s, clothed the French Olympic team in the 1968 Grenoble games, and are now a symbol of performance and the utmost in slope-side style. My favorite jacket in this year’s winter line is the Plomb (pictured here). The allure for me comes from the super-warm loft, the nuanced details, and the fabric itself, which you need to see up close and in person to appreciate fully.