We Feel Fine: The Book

Posted on November 11, 2009 Under Books

Over the years I've had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends with Jonathan Harris through all sorts of different avenues, projects he has done, and more recently the times we've found ourselves in the desert in Jordan…

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Delaunay Images

Posted on October 27, 2009 Under Art

Absolutely beautiful images based on something called Delaunay triangulations, which maximize the minimum angle of all the angles of the triangles in the triangulation; they tend to avoid skinny triangles. This was created using a scripting plug-in for Illustrator by…

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Beethoven's 5th Graphics

Posted on October 5, 2009 Under Music

A graphical score animation of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. You can check out what color represents each instrument here.  Via Today and Tomorrow

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Where can I find a McDonalds?

Posted on September 28, 2009 Under Art

Uhh, well, everywhere. Interesting data visualization. Via Jeremy...

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Twitter Visualization: Tori's Eye

Posted on August 3, 2009 Under Life

Two trends are still holding strong in 2009 - the popularity of Twitter and mashups. Using only XHTML/CSS and Javascript, the clan at Quodis Labs has created a beautiful real-time visualisation of updates in the Twitterverse. Dubbed Tori's Eye, visitors…

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Jonathan Harris: Sputnik Observatory

Posted on June 30, 2009 Under Art

Site favorite and JS friend Jonathan Harris just launched his latest project entitled The Sputnik Observatory. It's the result of a two-year collaboration with NYC based Sputnik, Inc, an organization that documents contemporary culture through intimate video interviews with hundreds…

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Deconstructing a Girl Talk Song

Posted on June 23, 2009 Under Music

Deciphering samples is a skill that every DJ and producer hones in order to boast when that original song comes on. Ever since a few cats took the art of sampling and went crazy with it, it's been harder and…

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Infograph 'Effing Hail' Game

Posted on May 1, 2009 Under Life

We've been digging on info-graphs for a while, it's our preferred method of learning. Intuitiongames is hosting an info-graph game titled "effing hail" explaining the weather through destruction. For those of you that don't know how hail is formed, basically…

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NYC Street Vendors Infograph

Posted on April 23, 2009 Under Design

New York City vendors are one of the many things we love/hate about the city. Everyone has a story of some amazing/crazy street vendor experience. The Street Vendor Project has put together a visual guide for vendor regulations, rights and…

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Flight404: Magnetic Ink x Solar

Posted on February 1, 2008 Under Design

We covered Flight404 several months ago and even then we were blown away by the work Robert Hodgin was doing with Processing. Nearly ten months later, we're still in awe of his stunning visuals, but this time around we're crushing…

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