Design Hara

Posted on April 4, 2010 Under Eco

Design Hara produces low power computers, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. They're also built with recyclable green materials. Very fascinating. More over at Yanko Design.

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Delaunay Images

Posted on October 27, 2009 Under Art

Absolutely beautiful images based on something called Delaunay triangulations, which maximize the minimum angle of all the angles of the triangles in the triangulation; they tend to avoid skinny triangles. This was created using a scripting plug-in for Illustrator by…

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Blip Festival 2008

Posted on November 6, 2008 Under Music

Attention serious nerds, get out your Google calendar and mark it down with the following information: On December 4 - 7, the Blip Festival 2008 comes to New York to recycle your Commodore 64, Atari 2800, NES ... possibly even…

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Posted on October 24, 2008 Under Design

Touch displays are going to transform the way we use computers. MultiTouch, a Finland-based company, has just released a truly amazing modular based multi-touch display. They're completely scalable, from the size of a laptop screen to screens that measure over…

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Meninos Hard Drive Cases

Posted on October 16, 2008 Under Gadgetry

If that external hard drive is looking a too much like ... well ... a hard drive, Brazilian design company Meninos' hard drive cases might be the color you need add to your other desktop. Made in acrylic, these cases…

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Parra and Incase

Posted on October 3, 2008 Under Gadgetry

First, Incase surprised us with their incredibly relevant, timely, and bad ass KRINK/Arkitip collaboration laptop sleeve. Next up, they're collaborating with Dutch artist Parra. Known for combining bright colors and his mastery of fonts (and in this case it looks…

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Tokidoki x Fujitsu Laptop

Posted on August 21, 2008 Under Design

Tokidoki, the Italian lifestyle brand with the Japanese name, has just ventured into laptops. Simone Legno's Cactus Friends and Moofia characters are easily recognizable gracing the top of Fujitsu's new LOOX U series ultra-mobile PC. Let's face it, anyone who…

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Tom Bihn: Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase

Posted on August 20, 2008 Under Travel
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Incase x KRINK and Ariktip

Posted on July 16, 2008 Under Gadgetry
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Infinium's Phantom Lapboard

Posted on July 7, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Most keyboards are designed with desk ergonomics in mind, but what if you don't work at a desk? For those who compute in a more casual environment -- such as a sofa or bed -- your typical keyboard isn't an…

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