Restaurant Uchi: Sushi in Texas

Posted on August 28, 2008 Under Food

What do the words Austin, Texas make you think of? Music? Cowboys? Richard Linklater? Okay, fair enough, but what if I told you sushi? Its true, mixed up with all the BBQ, steaks and Mexican food is the amazing sushi restaurant Uchi. We know what you are thinking, “It must be good for Texas sushi standards’, but this sushi bar is amazing. A renovated old house just south of the river and across the street from the landmark Alamo Draft House theater (another Austin gem) provides great interior design to chow down colorful fish. Recent Iron Chef contestant Tyson Cole heads up the creative dishes that look like little pieces of art (and for the price it may as well be art). If you are in Austin and need your Japanese cusine itch scratched, Uchi can do that and them some. Just don’t expect a table when you head down for SXSW.