The Porsche Design White Collection

Posted on March 31, 2008 Under Design

I’ve heard that “green is the new black” a lot recently–but it looks like for Porsche Design, white is the new black. A technical, clean look for summer seems to be Porsche Design’s story this spring. Their new White Collection will hit stores in May, and is comprised of a pretty diverse smattering of products, all clad in clean white costume. All of the ‘anti-color’ will be accompanied by both shiny and brushed aspects of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel (pictured here, from left: P’9521 Cell Phone, P’1140 Jacket, P’3140 Shakepen, and P’3635 Lighter). A bold look for the summer season — I must say — the White Collection isn’t all about aesthetics; the PD’s black version of the mobile phone, for instance, has already won a bunch of design awards, employing a fingerprint sensor for user identification, and the Shakepen is activated by a nifty ‘shake of the wrist’ mechanism. I’d also like to see what kind of white flame that lighter produces–think they’ve nailed down that white fire technology yet?