London: The Library

Posted on June 9, 2005 Under Travel

I’m not exactly sure why they call “The Library” on Brompton Road in Chelsea, a library, because the only book I saw was Hardy Blechman’s DPM/Disruptive Pattern Material book on a a shelf surrounded in Maharishi clothing. The Library, since 1994, is a small boutique in the busy fashion district of London that I’ve always had a pleasant time in. It’s always full of extremely unique labels, and rare hard to find stuff. Everytime I’ve been there, I never see any of the same stuff, which is part of the appeal. Unfortunately, the exchange rate is so poor right now, I didn’t indulge in much this time. If you can stomach the price tag, you’ll be very pleased with the selection. The Library is at 268 Brompton Road, Chelsea, SW3, a few doors down from Issey Miyake.