LAX Wall-Mounted Desk

Posted on June 27, 2007 Under Design

It takes a certain amount of audacity to fundamentally rethink something as simple as a desk. Everybody knows what a desk looks like: it’s just a table with some drawers. Okay, now think fast"¦does it have legs?

The LAX wall mounted desk from MASH Studios doesn’t (have legs, that is). Sure, the wall mounted desk still has plenty of work space on top and storage space below, but gone are those familiar knee-trapping pillars that keep one squarely in working position. Those who demand structure in their endeavors might want to look elsewhere, but the open-minded will find the wall mounted desk’s airiness "” as well as its crisp simplicity of design "” a welcome change of pace. The desk is available for purchase at Design Public. Incidentally, some of the other MASH products available at Design Public are legless as well.

–Dan Steckenberg