UNKL Debuting New Figures at SDCC

Posted on June 27, 2007 Under Life

Everybody’s favorite giant Icelandic protector of humanity is back – and this time he’s equipped to wade in and put himself in harm’s way when FEMA types can’t (or won’t) go themselves. The new SUG figures from UNKL will be joined this summer by Ulligus, a brand new character. Ulligus is an endearing dog-like sidekick featuring many of the same design elements. Only limited quantities will be available in the two colorways — 40 of the yellow Urban Recovery line and 250 of the orange Search & Rescue series. Keep an eye out for the debut of Ulligus and the new SUG figures on Friday, July 27th at the San Diego Comic Con. Just in time too, given the crazy weather throughout most of the country so far this summer, we may need rescuing from our rooftop, a flooded overpass, you name it.

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