Jose Parla: Cityscapes in Miami

Posted on December 1, 2006 Under Art

We’re very, very excited to see Jose Parla’s show next week at Spoonfed during our trip to Miami for Art Basel. The exhibition, entitled CITYSCAPES, is Parla’s first solo exhibition in Miami (even though he is a Miami Native, now living in NYC). This show is not to be missed– large scale, architectural construction with every medium from cement, wood, vinyl as well as paints, powered dye, waxes, and inks. As aggressive as his brush work looks, it still evokes a flowing warm feeling in us. “When discussing the work he often uses terms like synthetic and segmented, referring to the world’s cities as virtual palimpsests, upon which are recorded in literal, figurative and ongoing layering process of the personal histories of countless anonymous passersby.” Full flyer after el jumpo.