World AIDS Day

Posted on December 1, 2006 Under Life

A few days ago, I posted the Light to Unite initiative, urging you to go light a virtual candle to support those affected by the rampant, world-wide AIDS pandemic. I received a wealth of comments from you (our readers), most of them to the effect of ‘supporting a pharmaceutical company’s ad campaign is not the best way to show support for those battling HIV and AIDS’ (the Light to Unite initiative was the brainchild of Bristol Myers Squibb). The truth is that I agree with many of the comments I received– I agree that a campaign like Light to Unite is not the best way to address the problem– although I do think it was a way for millions of potential people to mouse-click their way onto the support radar. Today, December 1st, is World Aids Day. In 2000, world leaders promised to halt the spread AIDS by 2015, but the current proliferation of the disease is, unfortunately, making that goal mighty doubtful. With that in mind, today is a perfect day for those of you who are not aware — or sufficiently aware — to become more reticent of the pandemic and its root causes. While pharmaceutical companies are providing important contributions to those already infected, anti-retroviral drugs can only take us so far to battle the fundamental problems– those problems which can only be addressed by, for example, ‘tackling the issues of poverty and the sexual objectification of women.’ Learn more. Get involved. Help reverse the trend.