Porsche Design and Fearless Yacht Collaboration

Posted on February 20, 2007 Under Design

My guess is that this piece of news is the biggest thing to come out of this year’s Miami Boat Show. The Porsche Design Studio has teamed up with Miami-based high-end yacht manufacturer Fearless to develop a range of gorgeous sea-faring vessels ranging from 28 ft. to 150 ft. in length. They debuted the 28 ft. model in Miami at the convention– it has a seamless hull, clean European curves, and is powered by a 525 hp Dodge Viper Engine (sorta weird, I know). The price tag on the 28 footer is $300,000, which makes me wonder what the 150 footer will cost– but rumor has it that college funds all over the country are beginning to disappear.

Via Gizmodo